Great news! Marie's playing at a place called the Exotic Intoxication. The sorceress that played my wife from the play in Nature's Gate accompanied me to the tavern. Kalira was her name. This little weasel at the front door stopped me and said I was riff raff and couldn't enter. He changed his mind after a few gold was passed to him. I checked my sword in at the the bar and took a seat. Marie was performing a duet with some guy named Joseph. Taishou was here too. She had set up a tithing box by the front door. After the performance, I headed back to get my sword and started out the door. I don't know why I did this, but as soon as I got my sword, I felt that I had a perfect chance to catch Marie. I lunged through the milling masses at her and knocked her unconcious with the flat of my sword. After her, I took out her partner. Unfortunately, most of the people there were magic users and they magiced me into unconciousness. I awoke in a jail cell with a pounding headache. Marie, Taishou, Kalira, the monk girl, and some priestly looking berk started questioning me. They tried to drug me with some tea, but I was able to fight it off and hold my ground.

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Cloud's Story

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