Today turned out better than yesterday. First, Phillip came to town. I talked to him through my tiny window. He said he'd try to help me get out, but he had other stuff to do first. It's also a good thing that the jail's across from the temple because later that day, I noticed this guy dressed in black scouting it out. I told the warden, who after a few minutes of arguing, stepped to the window near my cell to watch him. I caught a glint of silver out of the corner of my eye and say that the warden's keys were hanging a bit out of his pocket. I deftly took his keys while he was still watching the guy. He said he was going to go talk to the guy and left. I hastily unlocked my cell and poked my head out of the jail's door to watch them. After a few words were said, the man led the warden around to the back of the temple. I followed them knowing what the man intended to do, but I was a second too late because the warden's corpse had just hit the ground as I reached the back area of the temple, a red line across his neck from where he had been strangled. He saw me and started chasing me. Since I had no real weapon, I ran and gave him the slip, hiding in an alleyway. The man gave up and left. I followed him cautiously out of town until i found his camp site. I camped near the town gate, being sure not to draw suspicion to myself, and waited for him to head back to town. Around midnight or so, I saw him heading back into town. I followed him to the temple. There, he snapped the neck of the guard on duty. Definitely a pro. Inside, I saw him check something in his hand. It looked like the same locator gem that I had. I followed him to a room and waited outside the door as he talked with what sounded like Marie. Was he trying to kidnap her as well? What makes her so special that everyone wants her? As soon as I thought he was going to make his move, I rushed in and attacked him with my fists. He had pulled a dagger that looked like it had some kind of poison on it. I knocked it from his hand as soon as I could. By this time, Taishou, Kalira, Phillip, Lex (I was surprised he was here as well), and the monk girl all showed up. They must have been pretty confused. Here was the guy that had been trying to kidnap Marie, fighting some stranger near Marie. I heard Lex say something along the lines of attack me, but Marie intervened, fortunately, and told them that the other guy was the one to attack. They listened to her and helped me attack the guy. He pulled another dagger from his cloak, but I was able to wrestle it from his hands and stick it into him. He started foaming at the mouth and keeled over dead. He had some crazy tattoo of a black rose on him. So somebody else was after Marie, too. At this time, everybody started wondering why everyone was after Marie. She revealed that she wasn't half-elven like most people believed but actually something entirely different. She was part human, but the other part of her, I can't say. She has spikey teeth that she does a very good job at hiding. Now I was starting to wonder why the king wanted me to capture her. Maybe my contact in Bendon can help. At this time, the monk girl, Lotus, showed us that she had some strange funky symbols on the side of her neck that burned when she got angry. She kept them hiden with a turtle neck. The priest guy from earlier showed up and I explained how I got out of jail. They threw me back in... Later, they came back, threw my stuff back to me, and said that they had been doing some discussion and said that they were taking me with them to Bendon so I could ask my contact there some questions.

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