We arrived back in Nature's Gate today. Quite an unusual welcoming. The contest was way over by now. For some reason, the party decided to rename Lex to Terry. Whatever floats their boats I guess. I have no qualms with it. The same dopey guard came up to us and asked us if we had weapons permits for our stuff. He looked at Marie and me and asked her if she was sane by having me around. I looked at him and said I was her body guard to help pay back the "pain I caused her" or something sappy like that. The first place we went to was the temple. Taishou said that she could get us free room and board for the night since we were just passing through. While there, we heard an explosion outside and a young priest girl came running in. She said that she thought that there were people desecrating the graves and that the door to one of the mausoleums had been torn open. She thought that someone may be trying to desecrate the grave of some berk named Byron D'Arton. Apparently he's some big hero guy on this planet. While she was saying this, another mage guy came up to the group, apparently interested in what was happening. As soon as the girl was finished with her story, Lex ran off to go investigate. Phillip and I looked at each other and decided we had better go stop him before he dies. We got to the crypt, and sure enough the door had been ripped off its hinges. We descended into the crypt. We all split up, taking different routes. Phillip and I took the left path, while the rest of the group took the right path. Down the hall a ways, we found that a coffin had been pulled out of its resting place. I know I may have no troubles with killing a person, but touching someone's coffin, that's a different story. Phillip and I argued about who was gonna put it back in place when the rest of the group arrived. While Phillip bickered with me, Lotus took a look inside the coffin's resting place and noticed that the back of it had a secret panel. Behind it were some stairs that led down. We all went down to the second level. We exited the secret tunnel and found a few orcs setting up a crossbow trap at the main stairwell for this level. We were able to run them off. Our path was obstructed by a cave in. And on top of that, the orcs ambushed us at the cave in! Lotus held one door closed with a coffin lid while the others shot crossbow bolts around it and I ran in and Phillip and I took out the other room of orcs. Unfortunately, Lotus was knocked out and Marie hauled her back topside. Well, now that our tunnel was collapsed, we were forced to backtrack a bit and loop around to the other path. In one of the other rooms, we found another secret tunnel. Apparently, the orcs had dug it because of the cave in they had created. As soon as we exited the burial room that the tunnel led to, we were confronted with a gelatinous cube! I made quick work of it and we went on with our lives. We finally made it to the resting room of this Byron guy and inside where a couple of orcs and a skeleton. The skeleton threw me off, but taking care of these monsters wasn't too tough. After we finished dispatching them, we searched the room. Apparently they had taken some big wierd book from Byron's coffin and left the crypt through a tunnel they dug that led out into an open field. Oh well, big deal, so they stole some guy's book. They did leave behind a piece of paper from it on accident. It was written in some funky wierd language. We headed back up to the temple and told the clergy what happened. The mage that accompanied us down was Magus and he said he would travel with us since we were heading by his homeland, the Runestar fiefdom. Great, another mage traveling with us...

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