We made it to this place called Runestar today. Whoever settled this land was some self righteous, pompous, arrogant idiot since he named all of the places around here after himself. Anyways, we got to the fiefdom and Magus took us to the Omerad Inn to eat. Phillip and I decided to go take the horses to the local stables so they could get fed and groomed. While we were at the stables, we saw some guy ride up to the inn and run inside in a hurry. I could hear him yelling something like "Master" from all the way across the square. Phillip and I decided to check it out and started heading towards the inn. Phillip stopped to tie the guy's horse's reigns to the bar out in front of the inn. Then some fat guy barged right through us and disappeared around the corner of the building. Odd... Inside, the guy we saw rush into the inn was off in the corner talking to Magus. We sat down and the rest of the crew filled us in on what we had missed. The fat guy was apparently some enemy of Magus. Kalira then accused Magus of being part of the Runestar family. Magus owned up to the accusation and told us that he was the son of Lord Runestar. Everyone in the party was shocked except for me. Like I care if this berk's father is arrogant enough to name some land after himself. The guy that was talking to Magus turned out to be one of his loyal servants and was telling Magus about how his mom had been kidnapped and some evil priests were holding her for ransom. They wanted 10,000 gold dropped off at the Runestar lumber mill. The plan was to get a few wagons to carry the gold. We were gonna hide someone in a sack, a few in some concealed compartments on the wagons, and then have some people guarding the path leading out and the river with some ropes to use to trip the guys that were picking up the money. I got the river rope. The plan was going perfect until the bad guys had loaded the money onto the raft they had ridden in on and said that she was halfway to Bendon by now and pushed off. Our guys that were in the wagons on the raft, jumped out and dealt with the situation and I was ambushed by a skeleton. He tried to surprise me and missed. I spun around, pulling my Buster Sword off of my back, cleaved him in half, and then put it back on, grabbing the rope before it had a chance to hit the ground, but I was signaled not to pull the rope taught since our guys were fighting with the priests on the raft. Fortunately, we were able to capture the two priests. Magus took them back to his home and we were to interrogate them tomorrow.

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