We finally arrived in Bendon City today. About damned time if I do say so myself. The city was nothing like what I had expected. I was expecting a nice, busy, orderly city, but all I saw was a dank, crime riddled cesspool of a town. Not really my kind of place, but I'm not really complainin'. As it turns out, just about everyone here is corrupted in some way or another. We weren't even past the gate when someone tried to swindle us. The guards at the gate weren't about to let us pass because they wanted to check our bags for anything illegal. They got to me and my Buster Sword and decided it would be wiser to let us through. Now that we were inside the city, I suggested that we head for the Full Tankard Inn to meet up with my contact, Rhyland Morrison. We got there, but Rhyland was no where to be found. The barkeep told me that Rhyland had stopped dropping by about two weeks ago. Apparently, he disappeared right around the time that these two figures dressed in red and black started hangin' around the Full Tankard. I checked most of the other inns and taverns in the area, but I still couldn't find him. I was able to find out that some other SOLDIER members had been through the town, but they disappeared pretty quickly. That moron, Taishou, actually had a good idea, though! She used to live in this town and knew the leader of a local thieves' guild named Nagan. His favorite hangout was the Golden Dagger Inn. It was also apparent that Taishou didn't leave on good terms since she didn't want to go meet him. Lotus, Phillip, and I headed for the Dagger to try and see Nagan. He wasn't there. Well, he's not always gonna be hangin' out in one place, so we decided to wait for him. While we were waiting, this lady from a neighbouring table came over to us and tried to pick a fight. I wasn't interested in fighting, especially because I had left my Buster Sword back at our inn, so I avoided any fighting words. A little bit after that, two more people came into the inn and sat down in a corner table in the room. They looked like they were looking at somethin'. I think I saw some gold. The lady from earlier had a guy from her table go lock the front door. Seein' a fight was about to start, I told Lotus and Phillip to stay back and see what would happen. The lady and her crew were mopping the floor with the two scrawny looking guys. I decided to help the two berks out. Besides, they might work for Nagan and this would be the perfect opportunity to get in on his good side. We were able to render the lady and her friends unconcious fairly easily. The bartender ran into the back room and hid from us, but we found him. Turns out that he was on Nagan's payroll which would be great for us since we stopped a fight in his bar. Unfortunately, the berks that we just knocked out were also working for Nagan... After that, we had no hope of getting Nagan's help.

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