Lex and Marie decided to go check out the Full Tankard and see if the two guys in black and red were hangin' out there. Once Phillip found out where Lex went to, he ran off in a hurry to catch up to him. He's such a dedicated body guard. The rest of us followed Phillip. At the inn, I noticed the two assassins were there. We wanted to try and get some info out of them without causing a big mess. Kalira said that she could try to charm them, but the other person would be alerted to her once she charmed one. After a few more minutes of planning, we decided that if we got the patrons in a big debate, then Kalira could easily charm them without them being able to pinpoint her right away. We decided religion would be a great topic because everyone has an opinion on religion. Within minutes, we had practically everyone huddled around our table yelling this and that about what they thought was the right kind of religion and so on. Kalira did her stuff and snagged one. She went for the second one and apparently failed to get him. I said it was probably no big deal and that he probably didn't notice he was being charmed. Boy was I wrong. Apparently he knew that he was being charmed and who was doing the charming. Both of them made their way to the table, but only one wasn't pissed with us. He started threatening Kalira and eventually threw a dagger at her. Phillip and I chased him out of the inn and down an alleyway where I was able to dispatch him with relative ease since my attacks were limited to downward chops. I searched his body while I waited on the rest of the group to arrive and found that he had seven locator gems on him. Very odd since I went through a lot of trouble to get mine. This was the second berk outside of SOLDIER who had one of these gems, which meant that they were getting gems by taking them from SOLDIERs. I took one for myself for just in case. We decided to take the charmed guy back to our inn and question him. Apparently, he and his group were trying to interfere with SOLDIER. They were runnin' around, killing off my comrades, and then killing their quaries. He didn't know why except that his bosses wanted SOLDIER and the people they were trying to take with them dead. He knew what SOLDIER was doing with these wierd people. We were supposed to take them to a warehouse here in Bendon once we met up with Rhyland. Probably to be teleported back to my home planet. Well, our next step was to get to the warehouse to see who had control of it. We also needed to ditch the assassin before the charm wore off. We had him draw us a map and Kalira tied him up as "foreplay". I ended up doing the dirty part and killed him. I dumped his body in the river while the rest of the gang moved our stuff to the Golden Palace

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