We waited till night to check out the warehouse. Taishou had scouted the place out earlier but said she hadn't seen any assassins. We came up with a plan to lure any assassins out and ambush them. The bait, me and Marie. The warehouse was boarded up, so I had to unfortunately rip 'em off which would alert anyone inside. I tossed my light rock inside and went in with Marie in tow. She said she saw one person in there (thank god for people who can see in the dark). I called out to him and was happy to find out that it was my old friend Derek Strongblade! It was such a relief to see someone else from SOLDIER. Derek told me that he was the only SOLDIER besides me that he knew was in Bendon. He was able to find out that we were going to be teleported back from here and holed himself up until he was found by someone. He left his query outside of town at a shack. The party was really wanting to know what was happening, so Derek and I decided it was best to tell them. We told them where we were from and what SOLDIER was. I'm not sure if Taishou believed us, but who cares about that idiot. We decided it would be best to have the remaining SOLDIERs and their queries meet at the Runestart Feifdom, so they would be somewhere safe. I wanted Derek to go on ahead to Runestar and we'd leave a message with the barkeep at the Full Tankard to tell the rest of my comrades to go there, but Derek wanted to stay in Bendon to warn them. I just hope that he doesn't get himself killed...

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