We reached Lotus' monestary today. What a drull place. The guys weren't even allowed inside the blasted place. The room that they gave us was some broken down shack out behind the monestary. Oh well, guess we'll have to make do. Also, since we were around, we had to do manual labour for the monks. Something about room and board being paid off this way... Marie, Taishou, and Lotus went inside to talk to the Mother Superior and Lotus' mom. They didn't get much out of her mom. Apparently she's just some old vegetable that likes to rock in her chair. The only other thing of interest is that there was another one of those guys that SOLDIER is after here and he got hit by some of the assassin's poison and is slowly dying and the monks can't do a thing to stop it. We're going to head west to some special forest to get some special weed that'll fix him up.

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