Well, today sure as hell was interesting. We went to the forest to get the weed. And it was full of undead. I wonder if those evil cleric guys are active here, too. Well, we fought our way through the skeletons and what-not and finally found the plant we were looking for. Only problem was was that we were attacked by another shade like the one back in Nature's Gate. And it did the same thing as before. It headed straight for Lex muttering the word "Taxil" repeatedly. After the fight, Lex told us the truth about himself. Apparently he's some stupid prince from a stupid kingdom that's being attacked by Phillip's kingdom. That would explain the guards he had at Nature's Gate. We asked him about the name Taxil and he came up with some story that was so full of holes it made swiss cheese look solid. Marie's going to ask Magus later about what he thinks is going on, but our most important matter was still at hand. We took the weed back to Harold in Krylain and he's going to mix up an antidote tonight.

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