Ahhh today I felt very great. We made it to Gloecoast which means I can get a masterwork Buster Sword made. Once we got into town, we found out that port had been closed off because the humans in the city were rioting. What was happening was my Dark Masters were feeding on the human population and giving the Order of the Undying a hand in grave robbing. They took control of the town guard captain and he was putting big gaping holes in the patrol pattern of the guards so the Order could get in. For some reason, I was working with these bumbling idiots and Magus and we were going to set up an ambush to take out the Order. It looked like we were going to win until my Dark Masters showed up and showed me and Magus the error of our ways. Unfortunately the party subdued us when we tried to kill them. I wonder why they don't want the will of the Dark Masters to be carried out. But all that matters is that I get Magus safely to the Dark Masters. While we were in jail tonight, Magus came up with a plan. We were being guarded by Marie and Phillip and once Marie went to sleep, Magus charmed Phillip and was able to convince him to give me his sword. The next part of the plan was for Phillip to go get the guard so we could kill him and escape. Shame Phillip's such a clutz. He promptly tripped over his own feet and made a racket so loud that Marie woke up. Magus changed the plan and had me pretend to throttle him. I didn't want to. What if I hurt him? Then he wouldn't be able to see the Dark Masters and that's all I want to do in life. I started ranting about wanting some water and got the guard to come into the cell where I took out Phillip's short sword and rushed the guard. The battle was messy. I got captured, but Magus got away and that's all that matters. Now once I'm out of here, which I will try my best to do, I'll meet up with him near John Sebastion's.

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