I don't know what came over me. Those stupid vampires. I can't believe they dominated me. Anyways, today, the party had me cured by the high priestess of the town and I told them all that Magus had told me. He said that if we got split up to meet with John Sebastion since he was on our side. Turns out Magus and the stupid vampires were hoping I'd get captured and leak out info so Magus told me wrong info. As it turns out, he met up with the guard captain and took most of their funds and ran off. We found that out after we went to the guard barracks and cured him as well. The next thing to do was to find Magus. I had no clue where he was, and neither did the vampires. Our only option left was that John Sebastion fellow. Apparently he can cast some spell that will let us see what Magus is up to. He had badly disguised himself and was in some random bar in the human quarter of town. We got there and fixed Magus, but most of the damage had been dealt. Apparently, the vampires wanted to start a revolt and had Magus use the money he took to buy everyone free beer in the name of John Sebastion. And then when the dwarves would try to take their money back, the humans would riot and start some civil war. Thankfully we took care of the problem before anything too bad happened. Now the only thing left is to get a ship, unfortunately we're going to be moored here for a month because of the shipping backlog created by the blockade. Oh well, plenty of time to get my new Buster Sword made!

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