I can't believe I did it. I really can't believe I did it. We were just heading down the road today and were ambushed by six hobgoblins, the ones that had destroyed the cart from earlier. They demanded we give them all of our stuff, yawn yawn ect ect. They decided to put up a fight when they saw my Buster Sword and blew some horns to call their "boss". As it turns out, they're boss was a green dragon. I had heard stories of dragons from my mom, but had never seen one. It was pretty big, I guess about fifteen or sixteen feet long. It started attacking us by spitting acid at us! ACID! What the crap. Dragons breath fire don't they?? Well, with it flying and making passing sweeps at us, I knew that we wouldn't be able to fight it on the ground, so after it passed us the first time, I ducked into the trees while Marie and Taishou took up a safe position under my wagon. I quickly stripped my armor off and took my short sword up a tall tree with me. Here's where the dragon made the biggest mistake of its life: it messed with my wagon. To get to Marie and Taishou, it picked my wagon up on its next pass and smashed it. Oh boy was he going to die for that one. As he came back in for his next sweep, probably hoping to take out the two girls, I jumped out of the tree and landed on the damned beast's back. I stabbed at him, trying to send him to the ground. But instead, the damned thing started to climb skywards. He was trying to shake me. I quickly grabbed onto his wings and held on for dear life as he plummeted to the ground. I was able to hold on for two dives like that, stabbing him in between drops. But on the third dive, I fell off. Thank Dyce I had trees to break my fall. I got up and started running for the party, hoping to get some healing and my Buster Sword to finish taking the beast out. When I got back to the party, Magus, Lotus, and Phillip were back. Magus cast some spell that would let him float me up of the ground and when the dragon came back to make a raking sweep on me, he floated me onto his back. Back in place, I held on better and finally took the beast out. Magus floated me back to ground and we took a moment to breath. Next item of business. Where's the lair? Fortunately, one of the hobgoblin henchmen survived and with a quick charm spell from Magus, we were able to be led to it. For a dragon, he didn't have much. I was expecting a hourde. Most dragons have hourdes. At least in the stories... But oh well, I'm still in shock that my gamble paid off. I was expecting to be a red smear on the ground when I jumped out of that tree. Now to worry about my wagon...

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