Well, what a lovely day. Nothing like a burning at the stake to get one's blood flowing. Well, the people of Lysel are a bit on the paranoid side. They've been burning anybody who can cast magic, which means that we'll have to keep Lex tied up in the wagon if we don't want him getting himself killed. Fortunately we were able to save the poor girl from total destruction. Somehow Marie walked up into the flames and got her out without hurting herself. Odd. Perhaps it's abilities like that that my superiors want to learn and that's why I'm trying to take her back with me. Well as it turns out, the poor girl, Katrina, got blamed for "summoning" some monsters next to the town. Not her fault that a family of harpies moved in and started eating townsfolk. Well, the high "cleric" of the town, who knew that the harpies weren't Katrina's, asked us if we would help get rid of them. Of course we would! He wanted a name to call us and all I could come up with was "Cloud's Warriors". It does have a nice ring to it. Anyways, we're going to rest up tonight and then go hunting with Katrina's sister, Caroline, tomorrow.

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Cloud's Story

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