Well, we started our mission today. We all picked names to go by and went in one by one into the brothel. Geez. That place really disgusted me. This is where people end up if a town doesn't have a good youth center. Well, I went as John Smith and got a job as a bouncer. My first big job was to get rid of this guy Bruno who was being impatient for his "b@^#h". He picked up a bench to wave around threateningly. Oh I was so scared, let me tell you... Well, I walked up to him with the great club that I was given by the owner and told him to either A) put the bench down, or B) get the hell out of the brothel. He didn't like either of my choices and started to snarl at me. So I showed him what for and cracked him a good one between the legs with my club. I dragged his sorry ass out of the establishment and left him with some guards so they could take him to a temple. The rest of the day was pretty boring. It wasn't until I saw one of the girls that worked there leave and then Marie, Taishou, and Lotus left. I got up handed the club back to the lady at the desk and said I was quitting. She didn't seem too happy. Well, we trailed the girl down and sure enough, she was the assassin we were looking for. She took some guy that was with us, who I found out later was Marie's brother Actrevious, hostage, but turns out the berk can take care of himself and took her out fairly quickly. We found out from her that there was a training ground to the north and we decided that we were going to pay this little assassin making factory a visit.

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