Well, what a day this has been. We got caught in some pyscho storm that could bend my hair. We unfortunately found a mansion up the path a bit that belonged to this guy Kunesen. There we were treated with hospitality by Mr. Kunesen and a troupe of performers. It was nice of them to let us stay. But it just went downhill from there. The one really nice thing about the place is that they had running water. I haven't had that in months. Apparently, they have some magic bags that keep pouring water out and some gnomish pressure valves. Pretty handy for a backwater planet. Well, after we were getting ready to eat, someone noticed that John Gavo's fiance, Aenka, was missing. We later found her body strangled up on stage. After she was killed, someone pulled her body up there and dropped a chandelier on her. Wierd. Well, from there, things went downhill. Debu was killed shortly after that, and after we locked everyone in the same room, Clark was the next to go. As it turns out, Gavo's old fiance was killed by Aenka, Debu, and Clark because she was better than all of them. So John got close to Aenka, became engaged to her, and then spent years plotting his revenge. Talk about having a set mind. Anyways, he killed the three people that plotted to have his fiance killed and we can't even do anything about it. We left the matter in Kunesen's hands and left.

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Cloud's Story

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