Ok...yesterday was wierd...Apparently, as well as I can recall it, we were hired by this lady to retrieve her family treasure from her twin sister. Or at least, Lex said yes to it while they were having sex. Well, the other sister was off having sex with an orc when we found her. We beat up the orcs, brought her and the treasure back with us to find that Magus had found Eric Noah! I don't even know the berk, but I felt awed just meeting him. Anyways, we found out that the two sisters were really dragons from a stupidly disfunctional family of dragons and their mom had morphed them into horny female humans as punishment for stealing treasure. Well, Eric whisked them back to where they came from since he can do things like that and dispelled the polymorph and told the mother to behave. We took the money and gave 30,000 gold to Eric to start youth centers on this backwater planet. I'm sick and tired of seeing the youth of this planet get corrupted. That stupid dragon guy girl thing! even corrupted the poor children of that orc village and had them chucking rocks at us! Later that night, another one of those shadow monsters attacked. I guess it's unanimous that they be called Taxil monsters since all they can do is mutter Taxil. I wish Lex would tell us about what the heck Taxil means. I don't remember the fight, because apparently it whacked me with some stupifying attack and I became a useless berk who stared at the wall for the rest of the night. The party healed me up this morning so at least I'm fixed right before my birthday. A little bit after we all woke up, Eric and Magus came over to the inn and we were teleported south to the tournament at Castle Atla in Balance. Well, for a festival or tournament or whatever, it wasn't very good. We arrived on the second day, so we decided to play in the "know-your-party" event... Talk about boring. We answered some questions and then tried to guess our partner's answers. Yay... Exciting... What the hell kind of tournament is that? No fighting? After the stupid guessing game thing, I went to get my Buster Sword enchanted again. It'll take six days, just in time for the tough man competition! Well, we went to some fancy shmancy feast that night, so I had to get out the ceremonial SOLDIER outfit I've been piecing together over the months. For a pieced together outfit, it sure does look a lot like the original. Well, the dinner was uterly boring. Lex, the ever present idiot of the group, decided to go chat with the Mothergreen officials. Was he trying to get busted? He's lucky he has that magical disguise thingy.

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