Today royally sucked. What kind of tough man competition was that?? And the fact that Lex did better than me really pisses me off! Well, I had a bunch of monsters to choose from. I picked a troll and a few owlbears...whatever the heck an owlbear is. Well, I thought a troll was a tiny stupid creature that lived under a bridge and took people's money as toll, boy was I wrong. It was a giant, stupid creature that could hit me from ten feet away. He literally tore through me in twelve seconds. And since there was the everpresent danger of DYING, I gave up and surrendered. What crazy berk came up with that idea? Lex got lucky cause he fireballed it to death from a distance. That's such a wussy way to beat someone. And he wants to melee stuff? Well, after he was done mopping the arena up, he insulted me because I couldn't beat the troll on my own. Well, the little shit deserved what I gave him. I couple of good shots with the broad side of my Buster Sword and he was out cold. Tough man my ass. Well, Lotus decided it would be fun to knock Lex out again when Taishou healed him up, so now they're pissed at each other and they're going to have a go at it in the arena tomorrow. Jeez.

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