Today was very very weird. We made it to the tower. I do wonder who the architect was because this place was very badly constructed. We got inside and found one of the troops chained to a wall in the basement. He told us that he hadn't seen the other SOLDIER member in a while. Well, the guy was upstairs and had been killed by a...thing. As it turns out, the wizard of the tower tried to summon a demon and ended up getting blended with the thing. Stupid berk. As expected with a beast from hell, a fight ensued. During the fight, I was paralyzed with what Marie explained as a power word stun. I couldn't move at all. Fortunately, the others were able to finish the thing off without me. Since the wizard was dead and we had no clue who his surviving kin were, we're going to take his belongings back to Runestar and auction them off and donate the money to the community.

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