Jeez. This is why kids need to grow up with youth centers in the community. We arrived in Nature's Gate today. It was funny seeing all the looks on the townsfolks' faces because Marie and I are traveling together. But what happened was this little punk was running around yelling about how he wanted to be a knight of Gellian. So he was running around with this big stupid stick, knocking stuff over and being a nuisance. Well, later, Phillip and I were minding our own business when that little brat ran up to us screaming about a demon at the inn. Well, Phillip and I were quick to jump into action. He took the inside road while I scaled the walls into the upper portion of the Live Oak. When I got into the room, I was starting to wonder whether or not the kid was lying. There was a 10 foot polearm in the room, along with a huge breastplate. They looked too large for a normal man to wear. Either it was a really really big guy, or a demon. As I'm pondering what course of action to take next, the door opens. My first instinct is to yell out "Demon!" and draw my Buster Sword. Maybe I shouldn't have yelled that out...turns out that it caused quite a riot downstairs as people tried to flee the inn. Well, as it turns out, the demon wasn't really a demon. The real demon was Lotus. She scared the poor kid. I can understand the brat thinking that she was a demon. But the guy's name is Gavin. And it turns out that he knows a few things about our party. I'm keeping a close eye on him.

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