Crap. The Melleks are here. We decided to make a stop in Artania, and the last set of people I ever wanted to see were in town. Looks like King Cetar isn't happy with the progress of SOLDIER. My guess is that he hired the Melleks to do the same thing that SOLDIER was hired to do. This wierds me out since the Melleks and SOLDIER never work alongside each other. Something had to have happened on Asteria. That's the only way I can explain them being here. And especially with their muskets. I guess Cetar has no idea what could happen if higher technology were to be introduced here. To make matters worse, the Melleks took up positions as town guard deputies. I don't think they have any locator gems though... Later this night, two assassins tried to kill Marie. Fortunately I was in the next room and was able to help her out a little bit, although she seemed to be doing pretty fine with her spells.

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