Well, I found out a lot of interesting things today. We fought the Melleks today. We were too reckless though. One commited suicide by blowing himself up with a stick of dynamite. Messy...we were just too damned reckless. Everyone decided that they could just march right on up to the Melleks and demand for a surrender. I should have been more vocal about a direct confrontation like that. At least no innocents were hurt, but I'll be more careful next time about things like this. Last thing I need is some bystander's blood on my hands. We did manage to capture a couple of them alive. They were all fanatics except for one. He was actually very cooperative and let me in on a lot of news from Asteria. Apparently, good ol' King Cetar's been running around with the teiflings we've been hauling back up there and has created some super-demon army. SOLDIER didn't like this, and Captain Fierce broke the contract with Cetar. A first in the history of SOLDIER. Cetar didn't like this and hired the hometown mercs to pick up where SOLDIER left off. And as another stipulation to their contract, the Melleks are supposed to kill any and all SOLDIERs that they come in contact with. Just great. The number of Melleks sounds about equal with the number of SOLDIERs on this planet. One thing that was odd was that this particular Mellek, Glaedus, wanted to actually help SOLDIER out. He didn't like what Cetar was doing and said in a "zone of truth" that he would help SOLDIER out as best as he could. I'm gonna take him to Runestar Manor soon so he can have a talk with Derek and I'll probably leave him there with Derek. Glaedus also told me that there's a teleportation ring in Gellian and how to use it. This is good. I want to get back to Asteria as soon as possible to fill in Fierce with what's been happening on this planet. Plus I need to help out my people very badly. I'll see what I can do about getting Derek and the other SOLDIERs to come with us.

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