Oh boy. Where to begin? First off, we arrived in Vandemax City today. A city with a name like that just radiates...fun. Phillip took us straight to see the High General who ended up talking to Taxil alone. Taxil was able to convince the High General to help Taxil get his parents safely into exile. And they were going to have a duel to draw the attention of the peasantry gathered at the festival to give us time to escape with the royal family. While Taxil and the High General were meeting, the rest of us started wandering the festival that was going on in the courtyard. Lotus decided it would be a fun lesson if she stole my money pouch to show me that "I don't keep my guard up". I caught her before she even touched my pouch. I brushed her off and the local guards came over and threatened to throw both of us in jail. I was the one being robbed and they wanted to throw me in jail?! Mothergreen really is a country of crazy berks. Fortunately, Taishou bailed me out, but not Lotus.
During the duel, which lasted all of fifteen seconds, we found the king and queen and finally convinced them to come with us. Since the fight was so damned short (the High General did try to stall a bit with speeches), it didn't take long for the peasants to start to riot. We were able to make it out of the castle alive with only minimal resistance. And on top of that, anyone we encountered, we subdued. Although I was about ready to kill the High General's apprentice... After we escaped and regrouped outside of town, some in-fighting broke out. Phillip was being overly smug because his country just concered Taxil's. Although I don't think it would have been that hard to do that no matter what. The former King and Queen Vandemax were mighty pissed at Taxil. In the end, I had to hold back the King, tell Phillip to shut his trap, and basically try to get everyone to act their ages. It literally was like a bunch of school kids yelling at each other. It's not like fighting like this will get them their kingdom back. They should be happy that they're alive instead of being executed by their own people.

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