Why do we always have to stop in Nature's Gate? It's such a backwater place. Well, it's been a year since I arrived on this planet, and we're back to the Sospitas festival in Nature's Gate. At least I didn't get to know the jail cell better this time around. The locals saw us in town and asked if we would perform this year's play. Well, of course! The theme this year was about Byron D'Artan and the "slaying of Lucas Nightshade". I got the part of Byron! My performance was, as usual, flawless and the play went without a hitch. Well, almost. As we were doing our final bows, a Taxil Monster showed up. It had some sort of place swapping ability that it could use on Taxil. To make a long story short, it teleported to a safe distance from us, and I took flight to go after it. At the last possible second it switched with Taxil and I ended up cleaving him in half. Literally. I killed Taxil. I've been joking about it for some time, but I didn't mean to actually kill him. But we did get him raised in about an hour. During his down time, the Taxil Monster merged with his corpse and when Taxil was revived, he found out that the thing had given him powers. Something about negative energy in his magic taht allows him to suck the life force from his target. Just what we need, something else to make him more volatile...

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Cloud's Story

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