We finally made it. It took a little over a year, but we finally made it back to Asteria. It's nice to see blue when I look up instead of green. We arrived in Vernious today since it was the best place that I could think of that wouldn't get us killed outright. From what Gladous told us, the SOLDIER camp was decimated, so the only other alternative I have is my hometown. We set down in the stables outside of the youth center. I had no clue of the extent that Mellek had overtaken my town. From what I gathered, it was just within the borders now, but instead it was turned into the regional headquarters for this area of Mellek's attack force. And to top it all off, Mellek grounded one of its teiflings here. They call it the Angel of Death.

Well, I wanted to find Mr. Thompson as soon as possible, but the youth center had been transformed into office space for the officers. Also, a lot of the nicer houses in the area had been taken to quarter the higher ranking soldiers. This included my house. This led me to start worrying about my mom and Rachel. I traveled to the edge of town and met up with a old friend of mine, Daniel. Mellek was forcing him to farm to help feed the soldiers in the area. I was able to talk the soldier that was keeping watch over him into letting me speak with Daniel. Needless to say, Daniel was extatic to see me. I had been gone for so long that everyone had given me up for dead, especially after SOLDIER's contract with Mellek was broken. The Mellek soldier decided to step in on our conversation and threatened to take my frost sword. For once Lotus did something good. She was able to attack him from behind and rendered the guy unconcious. Daniel buried the guy up to his neck in the back of his barn. I also found out from Daniel that my mom had been missing for some time, Rachel had been dragged off to a Mellek rehabilitation camp, an Mr. Thompson had ran for the hills to start up a resistance force.

We moved the party to Daniel's for the night and ran into some trouble when a tean of Mellek soldiers came looking for the guy that was on duty at Daniel's. Taishou whipped out a spell that kinda turned us into clouds and we escaped that way. While we were like this, Lotus took off for the jail in town and found Daniel's wife, Karen, there. She also ran into Mr. Thompson! Unfortunately when she took me there, he had ran off again. Karen told me that he was hiding out in the hills. I'll take a look for him tomorrow morning.

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