Thank Dyce! Mom is safe. Mr. Thompson was able to rescue her from town before and holed her up in the hills with the resistance. The resistance itself isn't that big. It's mainly a bunch of angry townspeople with very little combat training. But their faces lit up when they saw a SOLDIER walk in. Especially one from their town. As much as I hate to say it, I am enjoying the attention a lot. I feel bad. I'm not doing anything for the praise of others, I just want to save my people from Cetar, but I can't help the feeling of enjoying their praise. It makes me happy to know that I'm giving them hope.

Mr. Thompson had a plan. He wanted to try and kill off Xanthus, the Angel of Death. But he didn't have the manpower to do so until I arrived with my friends. We all want to try to demoralize the troops of the region, and as we found out not too long ago, since this is the major headquarters of the region, it contains the payroll for every soldier in the area for the next few months. We were wanting to hit that to hurt the Melleks in the longrun. But we also knew that this would call the attention of Xanthus. So we divided up into teams. Lotus was going to go solo to steal the payroll, Mr. Thompson, Marie, and myself were going to free the prisoners from the jail inside town, Phillip and Actrevius were going to hit the makeshift jail outside of town, Taxil and Taishou were going to try to play the local evil priests off of each other, and Magus and Derek would fly recon to keep an eye out for Xanthus.

The plan went off without a hitch for us. We were able to free our prisoners easily. Phillip and Actrevius unfortunately had a few casualties in their escape. I will avenge the deaths of those prisoners. Taxil and Taishou were fairly successful in their plan. But Lotus. Somehow she managed to grow a sixty foot tree in the middle of the youth center. You call that stealthy?! Anyways, after all that was said and done, Xanthus did attack. He met us in the main street with some backup from a Musketeer of Mellek, some of the high clergy, a few of the high ranking officers, and snipers in the buildings. The fight was tough, but in the end, we won. Lotus held Xanthus down while I pummeled him. Unfortunately, Derek was killed in the fight... Taishou promises to have him back on his feet in the morning. I wish she could do the same for the others that died tonight.

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