May I never get a chance to be alone in a room with Cetar. He would definitely not walk out of there. He's not only destroying the kingdoms of my planet, enslaving the populace, and messing with powers that I was trying to help him get, but he's gone too far. We rescued Rachel from the rehabilitation camp, but she's vegetated. They broke her defenses down, physically and emotionally. Taxil and Lotus were able to get her out even if they did draw too much attention to themselves. I owe them greatly for retrieving her. She's been beaten physically, mentally tortured, and they even kept her head shaven. The party debated on what to do about trying to get her fixed, and all I could think of was psychic surgery. It's something I'm not sure will help her completely. But if it'll help her now until she's ready to cope with what's happened in the past months.

As for the rescue operation itself. We decided a day attack would be best. The camp was well protected and had detectors at the main gate. To get Taxil and Lotus in, the rest of us acted as a diversion to pull troops to our position so they could get in in all of the confusion. It worked, too. Luckily, Malacai, the teifling, didn't show up until after Lotus and Taxil returned. The fight was pretty straightforward. Actrevius and I beat up on him during the whole fight. He did have this nasty sword that people had said he could drop a person with just the slightest tap. Lotus snatched it away from him which made the fight easier ten-fold. After he died, Magus, Phillip, and Derek teleported in to cover our escape.

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