We left Rachel off at a temple of Sospitas today since we can't carry her around with us. Taishou dropped off her tithe with the temple, and they had no problems with holding her for us. The temple is currently in an unoccupied area and will hopefully remain that way for some time to come.

After that, we traveled to the new SOLDIER camp. Captain Fierce was at a conference with the leaders of the still free nations so Thomas was left in charge of the camp. He was glad to see me and let us in. I introduced all of the party to him and we told him everything about who they were and why they were here. Thomas pulled out a very helpful file for us. They were currently documenting as many teiflings as possible and cataloging them. We're going to take a break to get items made and upgraded. I'm getting impact applied to my sword to help increase my damage potential.

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