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This document is an ever-evolving work in progress.

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Dragonlance 2e Campaigns

Dragonlance 2e
These were a variety of early campaigns.
-Campaign Setting: Krynn
Nylos Sundermann(neobolts)

Flip-side Dragonlance 2e Party
A campaign that took place on the other side of the world as the other Dragonlance 2e campaign.
-Campaign Setting: Krynn
Tarra(Dr. GOD)
Taylos Sundremann(neobolts)

God Party Campaigns

God Party
In the summer of 1995, a group was playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. That's when Tundra met Dr. GOD and Zagnor, along with Nrrna & PW. Later on the group decended upon Dr.GOD's basement and then the true God party campaign started. Tundra introduced Taxil and neobolts to the rest of the group and that formed a core that would hang together to this day.
-Campaign Setting: Kyrth
Sir Phillip(Zagnor)
Lotus Blossom(Tundra)
Taxil Necrobane(PS, Taxil)
some cleric(ET)
Fishbait(D*) (Left when we vacated the comic store)
Billi(BM) (Left when we vacated the comic store)
Neelix and Kes(R*) (Left when we vacated the comic store)

Children of the Gods
The progeny of the deities of the planet Kyrth were special -- stronger, faster, better, than normal humans. The characters in this set were also entirely created classes, made up using the rules from the second edition DMG. They were also granted strong weapons in the first adventure. Also, Akito joins the group halfway through this campaign.
-Campaign Setting: Kyrth
-Major NPCs: Darkmask(?)
Darrien Runeblade(Dr. GOD)
Crystal Blossom(Tundra)
Axil Necrobane(Taxil)
forget, but he had a flying chair.(AR)
Joe-hydra? (JN)

1000-Year Kyrth
The idea behind this campaign was to show the exploits of the characters from the Children of the Gods as legendary heroes and ancient ancestors. Set 1000 years later this campaign also took place right after Squaresoft's Final Fantasy 7 was released. Also during this campaign, Shandroa and MUTS began to attend. According to Tundra, this campaign became the most impossible game to run thanks to Akito and Dr.GOD's character interaction.
-Campaign Setting: Kyrth
-Major NPCs: Big Ears
Cloud Strife(Akito)
Aeris Runeblade(Dr. GOD)
Zaxil Necrobane(Taxil)
Priam Agrivar(Bill)

The failed campaign for restarting the God Party. This campaign, already on shaky ground, was completely derailed by Fruit World.
-Campaign Setting: The Planes, Fruit World, Athas
Lotus Blossom(Tundra)
Magus Runestar, Lord of Fruit(Dr. GOD)
Sir Phillip(Zagnor)
Cloud Strife(Akito)
Taxil Necrobane(Taxil)
Danielle Laru(C^2)

Traveller: The Phillipian Empire
Emperor Phillip and crew triumph over cheesy holodeck adventures, shore leave, anime and sci-fi clichés, and the tyranny of KETCHUP.
-DM: Stephen Ratliff
-Ships: Scutz, Kotheimer, Phillipian Flagship, Pestilence, Bubonic Plague, Cannôn Fôddér
-Major NPCs: General Leo, Teve Torbes, Giant Green Octopus
Emperor Phillip(Zagnor)
Dr. GOD(Dr. GOD)
Security Chief(Zagnor)
The Farmer(Zagnor)
Marrissa Athens(Stephen Ratliff)
Han Solo(RL)
Princess Allsion Snider(KH)
Kaylos Sundermann(neobolts)
Mr. Pure(neobolts)
Councilor Aeon Pure(AT)

Rolemaster (The rain! It burns!)
Do not get on your horse. Do not enter a building. Do not attempt to read. Do not interact with weather. Have fun!

Omar/Yohko/F'nor Campaign
The party quested to retreve artifacts for Omar's god.
-Major NPCs: Rath, Shadow, Tink, Father Farmer Fred the Fabulous, Dr. GOD
-DM: Dr. GOD
Yosho (Taxil)

Mizu-Yasha quested for the Hikaze Blade and the campaign eventually died out.
-Campaign Setting: Kyranndia
-Major NPCs: Dekkar the Daring, Bangoo
-DM: Dr. GOD
Princess Alyste(AT)
Rath Paul Hoodboy Revere(A^2)
a centaur(Nrrna)

Tuesday Game/Exotic Intoxication (I'm charging up!)
The party invests money in a bank and then travels 10-thousand years into the future where they are phenominally wealthy and can kill people with their bank cards. Licebeard and Prancing Fairy found the Exotic Intoxication.
-Campaign Setting: Forgotten Realms
-Major NPCs: Jewel
-DM: Tundra
Igor Mortis/Licebeard(Lord of Dead Fish)
Cormac(Lord of Dead Fish)
Garret/Prancing Fairy(Dr. GOD)
stupid psion(Whiny Fat Kid)
Mara(Stephen Ratliff)
The Shetland Centaur(Nrrna)
Bill the Paladin(Bill)

The party did battle with NSCorp and was framed for the death of 7 million civilians when they carved their initials on a planet wiped out by NSCorp.
-Ships: Orion 3-2
-DM: Tundra
Captain Garth(A^3)
Shawn(Dr. GOD)
some werewolf(Shandroa)

The party got in trouble, had to leave a complex, and went on a shooting spree while in a motor vehicle.
-DM: Taxil
Splat(Dr. GOD)

Thursday Game Campaigns

The Warriors of Destiny embark on a journey of mayhem and mishaps in an attempt to fulfil a false prophecy "revealed" to them by Zarkorr, in the form of Gilbert, their closest ally.
-Major NPCs: Gilbert (aka Zarkorr the Conquerer), Rianol the Elven Elder, King Garbog of the Orcs, Mordak the Oppressor, Ifrit
Laen (Lord of Dead Fish)
Dwallum (Thor)
Longshot (Bill)
Kyrrai (Nrrna)
Dark Schneider (C^2)
Jav (Epametheus)
Thorn (Torso Boy)

These freaks traveled the world in search of adventure and money.
-Major NPCs: Meepo, The Bear
Thor (Thor)
Odin (Lord of Dead Fish)
Thalia (Dr. GOD)
Zim Zum (C^2)
Delan (Epametheus)
Hikaru (Epametheus)
Clint Quest (Bill)

The party is manipulated by demons into opening a gate to Hell. They botched the ritual.
-Setting : 1400's Europe
-Major NPCs: Belthanes
-DM: Bob
Elayne (Epametheus)
a mercenary (Lord of Dead Fish)
a viking (Thor)
a demon hunter (C^2)
a berserker (Nrrna)
Johnathon (Dr. GOD)

Thoden Crossover
A kinda continuation of the Thoden campaign.
Kalas Orcsmasher (Epametheus)
Thalia (Dr. GOD)
Prometheus (Thor)
the ugliest orc ever (Lord of Dead Fish)
a doomed centaur (Nrrna)
Xana? (Rysor)
Zim Zum (C^2)

Act of Ben
Luskan went boom.
-Setting: Forgotten Realms, Sword Coast
crazy wizard (Lord of Dead Fish)
Prometheus (Thor)
a cleric of Tymora (Dr. GOD)
Bill the Paladin (Bill)
Eliad Pylekin (Rysor)
a fey'ri (C^2)
catgirl thief (Nrrna)

Death Squad
The final campaign for the Thursday group. A group of super-villians controlled by the U.S. government rise up against their masters and take over the world.
-Campaign Setting: Modern Earth
-Major NPCs: Commander Rocky, Dick Cheney, Captain TSGO
Johnny Rocket (Lord of the Dead Fish)
Grizz (Thor)
Roxie (C^2)
Salvador Carano, a.k.a. El Diablo (Epametheus)
Kyrrai (Nrrna)
Gaunt (Lord of Dead Fish)
Red (Rysor)
Socket (Lord of Dead Fish)
37 (neobolts)

Planejammer Campaigns

Spelljammer: The Tradesman Years
A random selection of adventurers get together and somehow manage to secure a spelljamming tradesman. No planet is safe from their influence as they cause trouble on a pelethora of planets across the multiverse. Eventually the Tradesman is destroyed in a large intergalactic war between the mysterious alien race that was never flushed out completely and the neogi.
-Ships: The Tradesman
Rydia Winddancer (Dr. GOD)
Zagnor Adelhyde (Zagnor)
Michelle the Pixie (Tundra)
Achika (Taxil)
Alielle Sundermann (Neobolts)
Samantha (Akito)
Mace Devine (MUTS)
Hrrethra (Nrrna)

Spelljammer: The Virgin Years
After the destruction of the Tradesman the party funds the construction a new ship known as "The Virgin" because Neobolts said it would be a cool name and the name just kinda stuck. Alielle becomes the new captian of this ship (somehow) and the party flies off to new and exciting adventures. Eventually, the Virgin was heavily damaged during a forced landing onto Kyranndia.
-Ships: The Virgin
Rydia Winddancer (Dr. GOD)
Zagnor Adelhyde (Zagnor)
Tundra Dragondust (Tundra)
Shandroa (Shandroa)
Achika (Taxil)
Alielle Sundermann (Neobolts)
Samantha Windslasher (Akito)
Mace Devine (MUTS)
Hrrethra (Nrrna)

Spelljammer: Kyranndia Fiasco
The characters end up on the world of Kryandia, stranded for lack of spelljamming helm. They undergo several quests to revive an artifact on the world that is said to be able to move ships and after a while give up and go and buy one in Sigil. The party ends up getting wrapped up in a plot to resurrect a huge pit fiend and eventually slay him. (There was also that fucking Deeplord shit.)
-Ships: The Virgin
Rydia Winddancer (Dr. GOD)
Zagnor Adelhyde (Zagnor)
Princess Angelique of the Kingdom of La Bette, a.k.a. Tundra Dragondust (Tundra)
Shandroa (Shandroa)
Achika (Taxil)
Mizu-Yasha and Alielle Sundermann (Neobolts)
Samantha Windslasher (Akito)
Mace Devine (MUTS)

Having finally left Kyranndia, the party travelled the Prime Material and accumulated more ships. The party then decided to build a massive ship capable of travelling to other planes. This was our final D&D campaign under 2nd Edition AD&D rules.
-Major NPCs: Bruce, Volgath, Barbarian Lady, Alielle Sundarmann, Slim, Sails
-Ships: The Virgin, Zagnor's ship, a high-tech battleship, and the Planejammer
Rydia Winddancer (Dr. GOD)
Zagnor Adelhyde (Zagnor)
Tundra Dragondust (Tundra)
Shandroa Dragondust (Shandroa)
Achika (Taxil)
Mizu-Yasha (Neobolts)
Samantha Adelhyde (Akito)
Mace Devine (MUTS)
Bob al'Thor (Epametheus)
Priam Agrivar (Bill)

Planejammer 2nd Gen/3rd Gen/2002 (Archive (alt) | '02 Data)
The Planejammer party takes on Blackthorne. Plus, the descedants of the Planejammer party have adventures of their own, including witnessing the fall of Sigil and battling Blackthorne and his Magic Elementals.
Rydia WindDancer, Kyle WindDancer (Dr. GOD)
Rydia al'Thor, Tristan al'Thor, Rin Dragondust (Epametheus)
Achika Dracowind, Lu Dracowind (Taxil)
Narasin Indrani, Aemulia (Meiran)
Talyn Devine, Erowyn (MUTS)
Mizu-Yasha, Takechi Aikawa, Phoenix Dragondust (neobolts)
Eliad Pylken, Alynnia (Rysor)
Sylvia Dragondust (Shandroa)
Tundra Dragondust (Tundra)
Silverfox (Xarren)
Angela Adlehyde (Akito)
Jennifer Adlehyde, Katherine Grasdorf (Zagnor)

TSRA Campaigns

TSGO (Top Secret Government Organization) uses newly emergining mutants to help regulate alien landings at the Mill Mountain Star.
-Setting: Roanoke, Virginia
-Major NPCs: Captian TSGO, Psi, Major Disaster
Crusader(Dr. GOD)
Lightning Guy(neobolts)
Agent Bart-Bart(Akito)
Iron Head(Zagnor)
Rampaging Alien(MUTS)
Friendly Guy(BE)
Pervert Girl(Heather)

The TSGO party's real purpose at the Mill Mountain Star was to subjugate kami to be bound an used as a power source for their TSRA mechs. The party turned on their leaders and overthrew the government after meeting with the Center of Heaven.
-Campaign Setting: Japan, in the year 2020.
-Major NPCs: Captain TSGO, Nanako Junepei, Atsuko Rikagi, Captain X, WWCTO,TOJB, Giant Mutant Cockroach, Lightning Guy, Captain TSPS, Electric Hornet
Crusader - Unit 00 Support(Dr. GOD)
Zeruel - Unit 01 Offense(Tundra)
Psiguy - Unit 02 Mind(MUTS)
Fallout - Unit 03 Defense(Taxil)
Greyhawk - Unit 04 Speed(Akito)
Deanne - Unit 05 Mimic(Shandroa)
Iron Head - Unit 06 Speaker Pods(Zagnor)
Rick Kelton(neobolts)

TSRA: Strange Dream of Tomorrow
Rick Kelton is flung into the far future, where the TSRAs were being dug up. The party set up their secret headquarters in Jeff Gordon's Granny's barn and later unsealed the TSRA party from stasis. As the world was destroyed, the TSRA party was transported to Narsha.
-Campaign Setting: Future Alternate Earth, Year 2086. Rifts Campaign Setting.
-Major NPCs: Rex, Granny
Jeff Gordon(Dr. GOD)
Rick Kelton(neobolts)
Malcor(Lord of Dead Fish)

A party, including characters from TSRA, explores the world of Narsha racing against various enemies in the attempt to gather evolving TSRAs.
-Campaign Setting: Narsha
-Major NPCs: Gordon Hood, General Angurus, Trollius, Billy-Jack, Electric Hornet, Lothar, Fieros, Aegyptian Queen, Phoenix
Crusader(Dr. GOD)
Rick Kelton(neobolts)

PH Campaigns

Pillow's Party
A bunch of mean guys do bad things with crystals. Feathers get plucked.
-DM: Zagnor
Pillow (Dr. GOD)
Samantha (Akito)
The Kender (Adam Rufus Roland)

Fleeing South
A party of adventures flees south along the western continent of the PH World in an attempt to warn nations of a massive blitzkrieg by the goblin armies.
-DM: Zagnor
Alora Spiritsong (Dr. GOD)
Grugar Rockbiter (Ragazzi)
Tarius Worgrider (neobolts)
Hildegrad (Steven Ratliff)
Kenopis (Akito)

Building a Town/Dave World
Dave is definately NOT screwing everyone in the party over. Everyone loves strip mining.
-DM: Dr.GOD/Zagnor
-Major NPCs: Dave
Ariel (Zagnor)
Karen (Meiran)
Urghdrek Fitzsimmons (neobolts)
Nigel (Dr.GOD)
Wild Mage little girl (Tundra)
Halfling Psion/Rogue (Akito)
?? (Shandroa)

Merc Party (Beastlands Appearances)
A group of unlucky mercenaries gets hired out for terrible adventures involving the Staff of Plotholes and naked drow.
-DM: Ragazzi/neobolts
-Major NPCs: Beastlands; Arcadia; Angel Armstrong; Duroc; Ragazzi's monkey
Ashton Armstrong (Dr.GOD)
Quintessence (neobolts)
Tavis (Akane)
Brett (Akito)
Ragazzi (Ragazzi)
Pandemonium (Ragazzi)
Anon (Epametheus)
Qawoor (Tundra)
½Air Elemental soldier (Zagnor)

Hollins Campaign
A campaign run at Hollins.

Davetopia (session data)
A campaign involving very bad people doing very bad things under the authority of King Dave IV.
-DM: Dr. GOD
Kyrnath - doppleganger M warlord/combat vet (Rysor)
Surogh - orc M fighter/pit fighter (Taxil)
Zelagoth - tiefling M wizard/blood mage (Epametheus)
Lady Wolfsvain - drow F ranger/battlefield archer (Xarren)
Über Zug - bugbear M cleric/kensai of Quanth...alomar (Dr. GOD)
Blistereye Worgrider - goblin M rogue/shadow assassin (neobolts)

Twin Worlds Campaigns

Twin Worlds (Archive)
A party of young adventures fights against Magraravich as travel between the Twin Worlds is restored.
-Major NPCs: Magraravich; Lucas Nightshade; The Six Legendary Heroes (Eric Noah, Lord Runestar, Benjamin Lightshroud, Byron d'Artan, Noenhefarok, The Betrayer); Cherie SilverRose; Jericho; Actrevius Galahad; Rachel Strife; Derek Strongblade; Derek Ashgot; Mr. Thompson; Natsuki; Captain Fierce; Charliss Belmont; Mark Allen Louis
-DMs: Dr. GOD/Epametheus/neobolts/Tundra/Akito
Cloud Strife (Akito)
Taxil Necrobane (Taxil)
Lotus Blossom (Tundra)
Magus Runestar (Dr. GOD)
Sir Phillip (Zagnor)
Taishou-Taishou (neobolts)
Kalira (Shandroa)
Oani (Shandroa)
Gavin of Ryhan (Akane)

Twin Worlds: Age of High Culture (Archive)
A party of Champions abandons the task entrusted to them during the Year of the Comet.
-Major NPCs: Taxil Necrobane; Ricky Levengton; Boozer; Amber Wintersong; Dairus of Rynsald
-DM: neobolts
Boffar Firebeard (Dr. GOD)
Ian Mclaren (Xarren)
Naru Necrobane (Taxil)
Pyxis Dragonclaw (Tundra)
Ruryk Hammersong (Rysor)
Isis Goldpetal (Dr. GOD)
Tethyr Nightbreeze (Akito)
Zhyu Kyex (Tundra)
Zoffar Thunderbrook (Akito)

Twin Worlds: Red Hand of Doom (Website)
Twin Worlds: Isle of Serpents
The Red Hand of Doom module, plugged into Twin Worlds 10 years prior to the Year of the Comet.
Isle of Serpents was a short-lived sequel to Twin Worlds: Red Hand of Doom.
-DM: neobolts
Alishau Ulverth (Xarren)
Tannus Necrobane (Taxil)
Lilia Zanaphe (Epametheus)
Brienne Tealdagger (Rysor)
Loriel SilverRain (Shandroa)
Nightshade Blossom (Tundra)

Twin Worlds After (Website | DM's master session outline [.doc])
In the fractured aftermath of the Quan'thosk'alys Wars, a new generation of heroes battled Magraravich, the Bear People, and the Red Hand Army.
-Major NPCs: Mister Zindar, Paladin of Aretas, Champion of Karactas; Byron Runestar, head of the Runestar Foundation; Lord Action, Captain of SOLDIER's SQUADRON division; Cpl. Booklearnin', SOLDIER strategist; Katrina, High Priestess of the Ageless One; Eric Noah, flameskull; Fendrax the Furious, awakened hydra; Llandoweer Strongpine, Elves of Ergasia Squad Leader; Korgash the Third, orcish barbarian-shaman; Sir Frederick, Dragonriders of Gellian Trainer; Iiri, paradox incarnate; Lord Aretas, pit fiend that took Magraravich's place in hell; Bertucio, Avaryn's manservant
-Major Villians: Magraravich (in 9 hosts, including Leader and Redlord); His Eminence Wyrmchaplain Whitehall, High Priest of Tiamat; Bear'thosk'alys, Omega Bear progenitor and primordial; Eldrith "Cross" Dakliss, S'lashka impossible, General of Quan'thosk'alys at the Battle of Artania; Kalarel, Keep of the Shadowfell cult leader; Vanguard Wyrmlord Pierce-ear, blue dragonborn gladiator battle champion; Grand Assault Wyrmlord Redstar, Planar Herald of Tiamat; Wyrmadmiral De-ef, aka Lord Blight, leader of the Red Hand Navy; Wyrmlord Blackdeath, leader of the forces at Greenmaw; Dagon, son of the Deeplord; Tiamat
-DM: neobolts
-Guest DMs: Dr. GOD, MUTS
Tanya Larouch, former Champion of the Ageless One, agent of Taxil the Eternal(Human F Wizard) [Taxil]
Avaryn Patheos, King of Bloodmoon, Prince of Tear, Prince of Hell, Hellbaron of Aretas, Lord of Castle Patheos (Tiefling M Warlock) [Rysor]
Captain Erica "Stryfe" Runestar, SOLDIER Elite (Human F Fighter/Warlord) [Dr. GOD]
Knight-Crusader Sal Xerrenian, Champion of Lightshroud (Silver Dragonborn M Paladin) [Epametheus]
Sparrow Darkmoon (Shifter F Shaman) [Xarren]
Cpl. Nezurann Truescale, SOLDIER Elite (Black Dragonborn M Warlord/Ranger) [neobolts]
Magdalene "Maggie" Runestar, the Viridian Gauntlet, Champion of Sospitas (Human F Cleric/Wizard) [neobolts]
Maerosensa Runecipher (Half-elf F Cleric) [neobolts]

Twin Worlds East (Website)
A group of adventures explore the eastern regions of Parasonnea a year after the events of Twin Worlds After.
-DM: neobolts
Rundar Thornbeard II (Dwarven M Invoker) [Epametheus]
Aurelia Constantine (Razorclaw Shifter Dhampyr F Rogue) [Rayne]
Ayden Estariza (Eladrin M Artificer) [Rysor]
Matoika Amonute (Longtooth Shifter F Druid) [Shandroa]
Delora Jaithuun (Changeling F Swordmage) [Tundra]

Prophecy (Archive)
The fearless pirate crew of the Vengeance of Filleted Candy attempt to solve a mysterious prophecy.
-DMs: Tundra, Dr. GOD
Jack the Sea Jackal a.k.a. Captain Fighter (Fallout)
Maiyuki (Tundra)
Panchu Wanjadare(Neobolts)
Trixie (Dr. GOD)
Ryanna (Rysor)
Malas (Epametheus)
Naya (Xarren)
Seth (Xarren)
Cronk (Xarren)

Scarred Lands: VoD
A failed campaign that lasted 2 sessions featuring a party called the "Victims of Destiny".
-DM: neobolts

R5P (Session Data)
In a campaign inspired by Romance of the Three Kingdoms, characters fight against druidic rebellion and wicked government officials.
-DM: neobolts
Chysis Dragondust (Tundra)
Darius (Rysor)
Destriana (Shandroa)
Ellasandra (Epametheus)
New Lightning (neobolts)

Goblin World
In a dark, grim world dominated by goblin empires, a group of heroes flees the goblins and crashes on an island ruled by an evil dragon where they built a fort. The party visited Harry Potter at Hogwarts and tries desperately to leave but can't...and ends up killing everyone at Hogwarts with the aid of the Twin Worlds party.
-Major NPCs: Frank, George
-DMs: Dr. GOD, Zagnor, Stephen Ratliff
Hueron Winterhawk (Taxil)
Gronk (Dr. GOD)
Mr. X (Zagnor)
The Bitch Drow (S&B)
8-year-old girl (Stephen Ratliff)

Unsealing the World

Minute Plumbing (Content Archive | older version of website)
The party fought a losing battle against the forces of Quanthosk'alys on four worlds. They also engaged an unknown army from the another world. The party eventually fled to the Outlands where they founded the refugee haven, the City of Exiles (aka "Exile").
-Major NPCs: Osenia, Vanessa Kondrytin, Rose Firehair Sunderbar, Madam Francine Isabella Osward, Rundar Thornbeard, the Queen of the Empire
-Major Items: Catcus Booze, the World Crystal
Valeria Remosa (Dr. GOD)
Zoe Athya (Zagnor)
Vostok Sunderbar (Taxil)
Edan (Akito)
Corran (MUTS)
Zrylnar Krygen (Rysor)
Eldrith "Cross" Dakliss (neobolts)
Zhangar Scornkall (Epametheus)
Blue Thing (S&B)
a catperson (Nrrna)
a crazy wizard that hates catpeople (Lord of Dead Fish)

Virginia Tech Campaigns

VT 1
-Campaign Setting: x

VT 2
-Campaign Setting: x

Dragon Artifacts
-DM: Rysor
A party of heroes-for-hire gather artifacts for a client.

Cthulhu Cruise Ship
-DM: Xarren
An unspeakable horror is intentionally let loose on a cruise ship near the Bermuda triangle. The party then is in a race for their life to escape from the ship.

Lubbock Campaigns

Elementalist campaign
The party inadvertently stumbles upon a competition held every 100 years to decide who the next elemental lords will be for the next century. After searcing for the elemental quintessences to become elemenatally charged themselves, they defeat the demon dragon that's convincing the king of the land to go to war with other countries. The party defeats the demon dragon and ascends to become the lords of the elements themselves.
-DM: Tundra
Sehenine Earthstar (Shandroa)
Korbin Chase (Arctic Sage)
A bard (Elenabard)

Shining Blades
The Shining Blades use pre-cogs to make money.
-Major NPCs: Anastazhiel Shiningblade
-DM: Tundra
IenOpee (Shandroa)
Elena (Elenabard)
Arctic Sage (Arctic Sage)

Beastmen Campaigns

Beastmen (Ending Data [rtf] | Ending Pantheon [rtf] | World Map | Elon Map)
The party defeated Lok Nar, slew a powerful red dragon called the God-King, and undid the Beastmen curse placed upon the world 50 years ago. In the final session, Peregrine Krosse became a god named the Lord of Executions and Destin Runeblade gave his life restoring his sister and the other beastmen back to their original bodies.
-Major NPCs: Solvenar, Minister Krosse, Lord Runeblade, Benkorr the Destroyer, General Darkblade, Perception (Percy), Tristan (a.k.a. The Paladin), Latharius (a.k.a. The Wizard), Syndelier, Gares/Skull of Ashes, Gondar, Faith, The Success, Lok Nar, Shandora, The God-King (a.k.a. Big Red), Warlord Tak
-DM: Dr. GOD/Epametheus
Ryzur Krosse (Rysor)
Peregrine Krosse (neobolts)
Destin Runeblade (Dr. GOD)
Hope McCallister (Taxil)
Maiserel Savhros (Epametheus)
Yokie (Xarren)
Dalokahn (Reluctant Angel)

Beastmen II: Legacy (Website)
A current campaign.
-Major NPCs: Percy, Hope, The Lord of Executions, Ryknash/Ryzur, Maiserel Savhros Elendal
-DM: Dr. GOD/Epametheus
Caladriel Runeblade(Shandroa)
Seraphiel (Tundra)
Valendra Elendal (Rysor)
Princess Credence Redkin of Red Valley(neobolts)
Destin Runeblade Jr. (Dr. GOD)
Mal MacHendal (Taxil)
Lauriel Elendal (Epametheus)
Captain Justin Ruphus the Red (Xarren)

World of Warcraft d20: Kas/Zerina/Oklar/Oogu
One-shot. A tauren barbarian poop-factory, a hapless troll hunter, an unlucky orc shaman, and a foolhardy murloc rogue all "hoof it" from Ogrimmar to outside of Theramore to slay murlocs. Only getting as far as Ratchet, the party fights scorpids, wyverns, Dragonkin (maybe?), and giant crocalisks.
-DM: Breog
Kas (Xarren)
Zerina (Rysor)
Oklar of the Warsong Clan (Epametheus)
Oogu'wagu'la'oa Puwaga'blaga'waga (neobolts)

Kobolds Ate My Baby: New Year's Eve 2005
One-shot. Kobolds attempted to gather delicious babies for King Torg (All Hail King Torg!). Drinking was involved.
-Hats: Cat ears/tail (Shandroa); Chinese traditional (neobolts); Pirate (Dr.GOD); Devil Horns (Rysor); Pimp (Xarren); King (Tundra); Top Hat (Epametheus)
Major NPCs: King Torg (All Hail King Torg!), Vor, Beastlands
Siryn (Rysor) - died from running the game wrong
Lulu (Rysor) - longest living award
Chicky (Shandroa) - died as result of Iron Kobold cooking match
Kolboldtina the Timid Barker (neobolts) - died from being too tasty
Kobaldaxil Babybane (neobolts) - died from messing with magic
Fucktoy the Kobald Hooker (neobolts) - died in the inn
Chubby the Pacifist Nudist (neobolts) - didn't have time to die
Zhlissy (Epametheus) - died...uh...I forget
Kobuldus Almost Maxiumus (Epametheus) - won the game hands-down
Buzzwigggg (Tundra) - died stupidly
Prince Dieablo (Tundra) - angered Vor
Sporky (Tundra) - managed to stay until the end
Me (Xarren) - death by Cthulu-kobold
Winkes the Unseen Bard (Xarren) - didn't die somehow

Gathercall (website)
The party gathered pieces of a mysterious device known as the Gathercall.
-Setting: Eberron
-DM: neobolts
-Major NPCs: Phinneas Ivory, Velvet, Sir, Unit 37, The Majesty, Marat
Zerina of the Rishtal (Rysor)
Celesté Starfall (Dr.GOD)
Unit 114 (Epametheus)
Cerallanae d'Thuranni (Shandroa)
Linnea Runa (Tundra)
Anelace Lumendirge (neobolts)
Salaela Starfall (neobolts)

Stars of Destiny Campaigns

Stars of Destiny (website | Intra-campaign flowchart 9/25/09)
A massive crossover campaign in which the Stars of Destiny battled the overgod Quan'thosk'alys and the Arcanium.
-DMs: Tundra, Dr. GOD, neobolts, Epametheus
Taishou Runestar, Bruce Devargen, Phoenix Dragondust, Quintessence (neobolts)
Anastazhiel Shiningblade, Lotus Blossom, Chysis Dragondust, Tundra Dragondust (Tundra)
Valeria Remosa, Magus Runestar, Rydia Winddancer (Dr. GOD)
Vostok Sunderbar, Rose Sundarbar, Taxil Necrobane, Quianna, Tusgar, Achika (Taxil)
Zhangar Scornkall, Marie SilverRose, Actrevius Galahad, Rydia al'Thor, Rin Dragondust (Epametheus)
Laryssa Dragondust, Ruryk Hammersong III, Alynnia (Rysor)
Lord Thrae Necrobane, Xanaphia Lâs-Imphernial, Ravenclaw (Xarren)
IenOpee, Nadia Brightwing, Niyati, Sonea, Sylvia Dragondust, Shandroa Dragondust (Shandroa)

Children of Destiny (website)
A next-gen tale following the planar travels of the Children of Destiny.
-DM: Tundra
-Secondary DMs: Epametheus, Dr. GOD
Candy [Shandroa]
Hathcrast [Hecleus]
Reigos [Taxil]
Ruryk "The Hospitalizer" Hammerblossom [Rysor]
Serra Devargen [Tundra]
Talia WindDancer [Dr. GOD]
Tristan al'Thor [Epametheus]
J.T. Necrobane [Xarren]
Lyricaa Devargen [neobolts]

Star Wars: Cthulhu (website)
A short-lived campaign with a horror theme set immediately following the events of Star Wars Episode III.
-DM: Xarren
Sam Aolon(Epametheus)

Elemental Champions: War of the Devourer (Planescape 2006)
At the dawn of time, a monstrosity known as the Devourer of Souls arose to stop sentient life, and destroyed countless worlds. Four elemental lords, a primal celestial, a primal devil, and a great mortal champion defeated and bound the Devourer, imprisoning it within the sun contained by a dyson sphere, at the cost of their own lives. A small bit of the Devourer's essence escaped capture and empowered a champion, who formed the soul-stealing Cult of the Ebon Eye. The Lord of Fire used its own last free essence to create an eternal champion, the Jade Phoenix, to slay the Devourer's servants and to lead the heroes chosen by the other makers of the Dyson Sphere.
For endless millenia the champions of the makers supressed the Cult of the Ebon Eye and slew the Devourer's Champion whenever it appeared. Until one year, the Devourer's Champion won.
The Cult of the Devourer spread like wildfire, hunting down and capturing the orbs that served as the receptacles for the remaining essence of the makers.
The makers selected one final generation of champions, who they hoped would recover the orbs, cast down the Champion of the Devourer, and restore the status quo.
The new champions utterly surpassed all such expectations. They triumphed in the pits of Hell, roiled the depths of the Abyss, shook the pillars of Heaven, shattered the Cult of the Ebon Eye, and ultimately laid the immortal Devourer of Souls itself to rest.
-Settings: Sigil, Dyson Sphere #542 (a.k.a The Prison of the Devourer of Souls), and the multiverse at large.
-DM: Epametheus (starting November 2006; Original DM was Tundra)
-Guest DM: Dr. GOD (ran a number of sessions, going from June to September in 2007)
-Major NPCs: Thor, Odin, Prince Talisid, Bahamut, Lathander, Orcus, Shemeska the Marauder, Factor Parton (Ariel's 2nd in command), Factor Goreaxe (Healer, Ariel's Cohort, fought the Avatar of the Devourer), Aiseya (High Priestess and former champion of the maker Ulawole), Kolzu (Spiritual Leader of the Tribe), Eternal Night's Embrance (drow priestess, high priestess of Saylefiel), Kardum (the first Balor), and (though never appearing in person) The Lady of Pain.
-Major Villians: Xalin Hurgrind, Champion of the Devourer of Souls and his many servants; King Cyrus, The Magistrate of Urgelblech (gelugon tyrant); Mephistopheles; Pale Night, Mother of Demons; Grazz't; Demogorgon; and, of course, the Devourer of Souls itself.
Rhavin, the Jade Phoenix, a.k.a. Pyrelosis, God of Fire, Magic, and Vengeance (Rysor)
Queen Ariel Darkflame of Urgelblech, Harmonium Commander over Dyson Sphere #542 (Dr. GOD)
Aetherlyn Lightwing, a.k.a. Saylefiel, Goddess of Light, Luck, and Rebirth (Tundra)
Warchief Ziggurat (a.k.a. Ziggy) Flameblade, Champion of Thor, Keeper of the Stone of Souls, God of War and Redemption (Taxil)
Belladonna - "Mother" of the reborn gods Urkasha (Darkness, Fate, Justice), CKolaock (Earth, Knowledge, War), and Ulawole (Water, Healing, and Protection) (Xarren)
Aerdra Sunsoar, a.k.a. Ashelilie, Goddess of Wind and Life (Shandroa)
Nalia Sekainin, adopted daughter of Prince Talisid, the Guardian of Elysium (Epametheus)

Alt-World (website)
A campaign involving mercenaries on the planet Uurula.

Tuesday Game '07
A campaign involving time travel and a mysterious tower.

It's Darren's Fault
Following the death of a child that was the "chosen one," the party does their best to avert the disasters that will follow his death.
-DM: Dr. GOD
-Major NPCs: Stampy the centaur; Hiro, the legendary hero
Lilianthe - faerie dragon F favored soul (Shandroa)
Topaz - spiritborne M shugenja (Taxil)
Kayli - shapeshifter F magister (Tundra)
Zyrumi -half-water elemental F psychic warrior/warblade (Rysor)
Hoshiko - human F pyromancer (Epametheus)
Kokai - half-dragon M samurai (Xarren)
Mei Yong - winged tiefling F warblade (neobolts)

Forgotten Realms 4e
A group of adventures becomes involved with intrigue surrounding a sealed demon.
-DM: Tundra

Telluria: Everyone Hates the Drow website
25 years ago the drow rose from the depths of Telluria, shattering the elven nation of Ilian and the dwarf nation of Arysh.
The drow are now preparing to strike once more, and the Karimoor Empire and the Sylarian Tribal Alliance prepare to make th Sendeir stands against the coming night.
-DM: Epametheus
-Major NPCs: n/a
Princess Naivara Hyacarill - Elf F Ranger (Xarren)
Kyrin Zarisyth - Shifter M Warden (Rysor)
Astrae a.k.a. Aeris the Blood Dancer - Eladrin F Swordmage (Dr. GOD)
Skytalon Lyon of the Frostpeak Tribe - Goliath F Barbarian (Taxil)
Hecleus of Arysh - Dwarf M Warlord (Homanculus)
Lady Elessa Silverstar - Elf F Cleric (Epametheus)

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