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Asteria     Parasonnea

These primitive flying machines are little more than a blimp with a small (typically 10'x20') cockpit mounted on the underside. They are very rare.

King Cetarr
The ruler of the kingdom of Mellek. He dispatched members of SOLDIER to Parasonnea with orders to kidnap children of Magraravich, and later assigned this task to the Musketeers of Mellek. How Cetarr knows of Magraravich is an enigma of serious concern. Cetarr is somehow unlocking hidden potential in his captives, transforming them into Magraravich Spawn which he uses as the spearhead of his conquering army. Cetarr has successfully conquered half of the massive Mainland continent of Asteria in less than a year.

Mr. Thompson
The head of the youth center in Cloud's hometown, Vernious. Mr. Thompson is currently an important part of the Resistance that runs the underground within Mellek.

Musketeers of Mellek
The Musketeers of Mellek are an unscrupulous mercenary group based in Mellek but not affliliated with the government. They are curently in the employment of King Cetarr.

The mercenary group SOLDIER operates under the direction of Captain Fierce. They have an intense rivalry with the Musketeers of Mellek. SOLDIER's highest ranking members are the SOLDIER Elite. Currently SOLDIER has taken sides against Mellek in the war on Asteria.


Assassins, The
Simply known as 'the assassins', they are an evil organized group whose current mission is the extermination of all children of Magraravich on Parasonnea. The motivation behind this is not yet clear.

Benden City
Benden City is a spawling metropolis overrun with crime. It is an inland port on the Aersod River. Its most striking feature is a set of sealed ancient twin towers whose purpose in unknown. It is here in Benden City that Nagan runs his group of orphen street thieves.

Charliss Belmont
Charliss Belmont is the head of the temple of Sospitas in Living Valley. He took in a young Taishou-Taishou after she was captured breaking into the temple of Sospitas in Benden City.

Cherie SilverRose
Widow Cherie SilverRose is a talented cleric of Aurora who lives in Ilian, the capital of Tear. Her daughter Marie is the result of Cherie's enslavement in Magraravich's breeding program. Cherie SilverRose often worries about her daughter's safety and keeps a lock of hair from Marie and each of her travelling companions.."just in case."

Cult of Sadie, The
The Cult of Sadie are the organized followers of Sadie, Goddess of Brutality. They are an integral part of the slave trade on Parasonnea.

Derek Ashgot
A wizard who was jealous and bitter as a result of the preferential treatment recieved by Magus Runestar when the two of them were in the Artan military. On 1/12/48, he was killed by Magus and his friends after slaying Marie SilverRose.

Exiled Royal Family of Mothergreen
After the fall of Mothergreen to the kingdom of Gellian on the last day of the year 547, the king and queen of Mothergreen were secretly placed with the High Temple of Rael in Cantryl. Their daughter was brought back from the dead via ressurection and now resides with them. The whereabouts of their son, Milliardo Vandemax (aka Taxil Necrobane), is currently unknown.

Fertility Festival, The
Held in certain towns thoughout the land on the Holy Day of Sopsitas, the Fertility Festival comes soon after the start of spring and traditionally involves revelry in mininal dress, a public play, and an evening dance. One popular destination for festival-goers in the town of Nature's Gate in Artan.

Kalira is the daughter of a wealthy merchant who has been randomly traveling with the party for her own secret purposes. Perhaps she wishes to gain knowledge or just has nothing better to do.

Lucas Nightshade
Lucas Nightshade was a prominent wizard and the mage-king of the nation of Tear. Prior to the war, Lucas was a respected hero who held in high esteem by many. Understanding that content subjects were more productive, Lucas tolerated many faiths and beliefs that other somewhat evil rulers wouldn't. However, in the year 522, he developed expansionistic tendencies, and in the year 525, performed the act that would end his career and forever villify his name. Prior to his death at the claws of Magraravich, Lucas was the most powerful wizard alive.

Spawned in the depths of Hell from the blood of Asmodeus, Magraravich has been a plague upon the planes for longer than many deities have actually existed. After the pit fiend took the place of Lucas Nightshade, he began to systematically crush the spirit of every single nation that fell under his dominion. The worshippers of the evil deities were left alone, and many of those faiths threw their support behind him -- though they believed that they were simply supporting an unusually powerful human wizard. The non-evil faiths, on the other hand, were actively exterminated in the areas under his control. Magraravich had many abilities beyond the scope of mere mortals, among them being the ability to magically enslave just about anything. He used these abilities to cause much of the chaos that occured in other nations. In addition, Magraravich collected a staggering amount of personal slaves -- some purchased, some acquired as "trophies" of his victories -- for use as food, entertainment, and breeding stock. Magraravich was ultimately slain in the year 530, but his legacy remains to haunt both worlds.

Magraravich's Children
In the period of time that Magraravich dwelt upon Parasonnea, he sired approximately 300 children through his slaves. After his defeat, these children were scattered across the world -- some placed in orphanages, some living with their mothers, some abandoned, and some slain. For about 18 years, these children were more or less forgotten. Recently, they've come back to the forefront. Members of SOLDIER, sent to Parasonnea by the kingdom of Mellek on Asteria, began abducting the now-grown children so that they could be brought to Asteria via a teleport circle situated in the city of Benden. At the same time, a group of assassins began a general mission to exterminate all of Magraravich's children. Those of the children who were brought to Asteria were put through some sort of training program, unlocking unusual powers with varying degrees of destructiveness. These awakened half-devils are known as the Spawn of Magraravich. Those on either planet whose potential has not yet been unlocked are known as the tieflings.

Mark Allen Louis
Mark Allen Louis is a renouned bard that was the mentor of Marie SilverRose. In past years he has won the prestigious storyteling competition at the Winter Festival of Balance.

Monks of Diostarma
An order of monks that live a restricted and secluded life in order to add greater value to the freedom that others enjoy. A large portion of the monks were killed when their monestary in Nesis was destroyed in 547.

Nightshade, Ghost City of
Nightshade is the former capital of Tear and was the heart of Lucas Nightshade's empire. The city --and Lucas Nightshade's tower and castle in its center-- were walled off and surrounded with guards after the war.

Order of the Undying
The Order of the Undying are the organized followers of Skull of Ashes. They are led by the Dark Masters, a circle of extremely powerful vampires. At times, the Order of the Undying works with the drow. The order is seeking to bring about the return of Dracolichs to the Twin Worlds, and possess one of the Tomes of Evyil Necrissar, a series of texts that contain the secrets of Dracolich Lore.

Runestar Manor
After the defeat of Magraravich, Lord Runestar was granted a sizable fiefdom in the kingdom of Artan. Emconpassing thousands of acres, his property contains a small town known as Runestar Proper, a game-rich forest used for logging, fertile farmlands, a navigable tributary of the Aersod River, and a large manor house. In addition to Lord Runestar, the manor is inhabited by Lord Runestar's family and servants. Lady Runestar is herself a skiller fighter and a great lover of nature. They have two children, Aeris and Magus. Among the servants is Grem Ingleson, Magus' trusted manservant who longs to be a wizard.

Six Legendary Heroes
The Six Heroes who fought the final battle against Magraravich.
Benjamin Lightshroud, a human paladin of the Goddess of Valor, was one of the three survivors of the battle against the pit fiend. Lightshroud is now the ruler of Tear, and as such is responsible for guiding the recovery of a decimated nation. The nation of Tear has had much better progress than expected under his wise rule.
Bryon d'Artan, one of the casualties of the battle, was the High Priest of the faith of Sospitas. It is believed that he committed a sacrifical act in order to ensure that Magraravich could be slain. His grave is located at the temple of Sospitas in the town of Living Valley, in the nation of Artan.
Eric Noah, a Loremaster currently unparalled on Parasonnea, is probably the most skilled wizard on either world. Eric is one of the three survivors of the battle with Magraravich. Eric's current activities are believed to be research of assorted subjects, and re-upholstering his tower with fresh Tarrasque hide every year.
Lord Runestar, the leader of the Six, is commonly believed to be a human wizard with exceptional martial skill. The truth of the matter, known only to a small handful, is that Runestar is a movanic deva, a celestial being who answers directly to the good-aligned gods. It is not known what his actual mission on Parasonnea is. He has the distinction of being the only wizard alive to rule some territory -- a fiefdom granted to him by the kingdom of Artan. While it is believed by most that he has been away from home on personal business, his whereabouts are currently unknown even to his immediate friends and family.
Noenhefarok, a half-orc rage mage, was one of the casualties of the battle. He met with Byron d'Artan on the battlefield, and took his place in the company of heroes in the eleventh hour. He was slain early in the battle against Magraravich.
The Betrayer, a human sorceress, was the lover of Lucas Nightshade. When Magraravich slew Lucas and took his place, she secretly planned for the day she would help bring about his demise. Her act of vengeance was her last. It is believed that without her assistance, the triumph of the Heroes over Magraravich would not have been possible.

Tynian Merchant Council
A powerful merchant council (that operates in the fashion of a crime syndicate) based in Tapp that relies on its gambling operations on the Tynian coast to fund its highly reputable naval shipping empire (as well as fund some less reputable endeavors). Its members include Gloecoast resident and celebrity bard, John Sebastian, and the head of the splinter kingdom of Dareschond, Lady Dareschond.

A child of Magraravich being sponsored by the Order of the Undying; he believes that by killing Magus Runestar, the son of his father's killer, he himself will somehow gain great power.

Winter Festival of Balance, The
Every year a great festival is held in the kingdom of Balance, with persons of any alignment welcome (provided they don't cause trouble). The most famous events are the jousting tournement and storytelling competition and the closing night's arcane pyrotechnics competition. The festival begins at sunrise of the Holy Day of Aurora(10/8) and ends at sundown on the Holy Day of Arcanus(10/18).